Nilandingan Cove is a beachfront resort located in Cagbalete Island, Mauban, Quezon Province, Philippines.

Protected by Mangroves on both the left and right sides of the beach, Nilandingan is one of the most private and secluded spots of Cagbalete Island.

Known in the early 1900's as the place where locals made boats for seafaring, it got its name Nilandingan (pronounced as Neelan-DEE-ngan) when a submarine apparently found its way there before.

Home to the last few untouched mini-forests in Cagbalete Island, Nilandingan Cove also has some of the largest and oldest standing trees, a swamp where you can witness "Lambanog" being made from the extracts of the Sasa plant, a fishpond where you can catch uncultured fish and other marine life, explore the Mangrove Forests, watch the flying fish glide beside your boat, see the underwater landscape through its crystal clear waters, watch fireflies flutter around your bed at night and hear the monkeys jumping from tree to tree under the moonlight. Not to mention, the Sunrise which would probably land itself among the top places to view it in the country.

In Nilandingan, we try to keep things as natural as we can!

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